A Letter From Jonathan:

When I was younger and saw my favourite artists change the world with their music and stories, I knew deep down that I wanted to be just like them some day.  I began studying their work, trying to understand the “magic” that made them the stars that they are – was it the singing?  The acting?  The dancing? The writing?  The training?  When I became an artist myself, my eyes were finally opened to the only ingredient that really matters – the fans. 

I realised that the amazing role models that I’d looked up to weren’t changing the world by moving massive nameless “crowds”; they were changing real lives one by one, resonating with millions of unique souls – each dedicated fan sending back love and support in ways that only family would.  Simply put, the brilliance with which these stars shone was the direct result of the beauty and passion with which their family blossomed. 

You guys are my family, and everything I am is because of you.  You’ve inspired me to become better and to build this little world of ours through music, moments and memories.  

So here we are.  Welcome to Planet JWO.  Make yourself at home.